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Fever Tree Mediterranean

Origin England
Type Neutral

Brief Description
Fever Tree Mediterranean is, as the name tells us, a tonic inspired by the Mediterranean. The English company created this tonic with Vodka Tonic drinkers in mind but Fever Tree Mediterranean has found a life beyond Vodka and today is a reference in the world of the Gin and Tonic.
Having been created as a mixer for Vodka, Mediterranean is lighter in all aspects. It obviously has quinine mas less than usual which makes it a subtler ingredient. The citrus notes that punctuate almost all tonic waters is also less evident, top billing going instead to its more herbal side, with lemon thyme and rosemary under the spotlights.
It’s only in the carbonation that Fever Tree Mediterranean is the same as its sibling, Indian. With a fine bubble and controlled intensity, the carbonation remains for longer and makes Fever Tree Mediterranean one of the freshest and smoothest tonics on the market.
To go the name of the sea, Mediterranean’s label is blue.  On the neck, also with a blue background, the brand’s fever tree, as the Quina tree became known. Similarly to the Indian version, it’s available in 200ml and 500ml bottles.

Advice for use
Fever Tree Mediterranean is a versatile tonic, making for great results with the vast majority of Gins.