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Schweppes Original Tonic

Origin Switzerland (the first unit was built in England)
Type Neutral

Brief Description
You have to go back to the eighteenth century to tell the Schweppes tonic water story, or the tonic water as we know it. Jacob Schweppe was a jeweler and scientist by vocation. In 1783, he discovered how to produce carbonated water on a commercial scale. The tonic was born a century later - in 1870 - with the addition of higher carbon dioxide content - the brand signature that lingers to this day - and quinine.
The gas is still very present in the Schweppes Original Premium and throughout the remaining range, and appears in the form of large and lively bubbles. It is a tonic which balances harmoniously the sweet of sugar with the acidity and freshness of citric acid and bitter quinine, using only natural source ingredients. It is extremely fresh with lime notes. This freshness is transported to the Gin & Tonic, where Schweppes will always co-star and not merely supplement.
The Schweppes premium bottles recover the original shape of the brand with round bottom. This was ingeniously found to always maintain contact between water and stopper preventing the gas to be lost, as the bottles had never kept standing.

Advice for use
It is one of the most versatile tonic waters on the market but its liveliness (lots of freshness and gas) can overshadow softer Gin aromas.