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Fever Tree Indian

Origin England
Type Neutral

Brief Description
Charles Rolls and Tim Warrilow are the founders of Fever Tree, a tonic which is still in its youth, at ten years old since its first bottling. Disappointed with what was on offer at the time, they started out on an adventure to create a new tonic made only from natural ingredients. Between days spent reading in the British Library, journeys to remote parts of Africa, and a final test of 5 recipes, they arrived at what, today, is considered the benchmark of tonic waters, Fever Tree. Fever Tree Indian can be bought in traditional 200ml tonic water bottles or in larger 500ml ones. On the label, on the neck and even the lid appears the fever tree from which tonic water’s essential ingredient, quinine, is derived.
Elegance is the word that sums up Fever Tree Indian. Elegance while it is served; transparent, smooth and with a fine, delicate bubble. Elegance on the nose with that difficult balance between the natural bitterness of quinine and the sweetness of the citrus fruits. Elegance in the mouth, with the warm notes of orange and grapefruit that give way to the drier taste of the quinine. Elegance in the carbonation which, while always present, is limited to a minimum, maybe because of this it is slightly sweet.

Advice for use
Versatility is its middle name. Fever Tree Indian is the ideal mixer for most Gins. Avoid only combining it with sweeter Gins.