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Gin Lovers Gin 70cl

A 100% Gin Lovers, 100% Portuguese production that reflects the spirit of this project and the demands of our ambitions. Despite its 41st vol. abv, it is a balanced and smooth Gin, which does not compromise the depth of all its aromas.

Gin Lovers Gin 10cl.

Gin Lovers Gin 10cl. bottle
A production 100% Gin Lovers, 100% Portuguese which reflects this project spirit and the requirement of our ambitions.
In spite of 41º vol, it's a well balanced and smoth Gin, that doesn't compromise the depth of all it's aromas.

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Gin Lovers Gin

Origin Portugal
Alcoholic Volume 41º
Type Distilled Gin
Bottles 70cl. | 10cl. 

Brief Description
Gin Lovers® developed this Author Gin, an exclusive edition that represents all the know-how acquired over the years, with input from our followers, partners and customers. 
Smooth and fresh, produced from a selection of 37 natural botanics, which gives it harmony, authenticity and exclusivity.

Handcrafted | Small Batch

Gin Lovers Gin 2017

National Gin & Tonic Day is on its fifth edition. Gin Lovers Gin its third.
After a Gin which we adapted followed by a Gin thought up and created from scratch, here is our 2017 Edition, a 100% Gin Lovers production.
The directive was simple: make a Gin that is agreeable to the greatest number of people possible. Juniper and Citrus for the purists and traditionalists, but smooth and fruity enough to convince those less accustomed to the bitter sip of this our favourite spirit.
This edition was thought up from scratch but always had as its base the knowledge and opinions we have gathered from the previous versions.  Straight away we reduced the degree of botanicals to make a cleaner and more direct flavour. There are now 32 botanicals used in Gin Lovers Gin, reducing the floral and herbal elements to allow the citrus ones to shine through. Rose petals, Globe Amaranth, Iceland Moss (a lichen) and Breckland Thyme, among others, were left out of the production of Gin Lovers 2017.
We also altered the balance of the power players. Juniper still occupies central stage but it is now accompanied by lemon verbena, pine sprigs and a mixture of citrus fruits, still leaving space for the warmer spices like cinnamon, cassia bark and nutmeg.
Changing a product, especially a Gin, is a complicated step by step process where the whole is always different from the sum of its parts. We wanted a Gin which inherited some of the complex aromas of Xmas Edition 2016 but on the other hand had a more defined matrix with strong vertexes of juniper, pine sprigs, lemon verbena and the citrus fruits.
The alcohol level has also been lowered with the idea of increasing the lightness of the Gin without compromising the depth of aromas. It is now 41% vol.
This decrease in alcohol level goes with the decrease in complexity. In other words, the 2016 versions demanded a higher level of alcohol to carry all of its aromas. The simplification of the botanical palette and almost the entire elimination of floral and herbal elements permits a decrease in alcohol.
Gin Lovers 2017 is therefore a Gin which sits somewhere between classic London Drys and deeper aroma Gins. On tasting, expect the juniper to be refreshed by the pine sprigs and the lemon verbena, followed by the mix of citrus fruits where the orange crosses with the vivacity of bergamot and a warm finish punctuated by warm spices.
We are producing 500 bottles, as in previous editions, whose sale will be limited to our online store, Gin Lovers Príncipe Real and El Corte Inglés supermarkets.

Gin Lovers 2017 Specifications
Alcohol 41%.
Production: distilled with a base of cereal based alcohol (wheat and rye) in a Portuguese distillery.
Botanical: 32 in total, with focus on Juniper, Lemon Verbena, Pine Sprigs and a mixture of citrus fruits and warm spices (Cinnamon and Nutmeg)