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Lisboa Gin 70cl

Gin Lovers Gin 70cl

A 100% Gin Lovers, 100% Portuguese production that reflects the spirit of this project and the demands of our ambitions. Despite its 41st vol. abv, it is a balanced and smooth Gin, which does not compromise the depth of all its aromas.

Inseparable 50cl

INseparable is a gin with a unique flavor and complexity. There are 36 botanicals that coexist in harmony, in a resulting combination of fruits, spices, exotic flavors and wild flowers. A complex and versatile gin that perfectly combines all your classic cocktails, gin and tonic or simply with an ice cube or two.

Lisboa Gin 10cl.

Developed over 3 years, intends to honor the city that saw Gin Lovers born and grow.
A Gin that breathes Lisbon, inspired by its 7 hills, uses in his distillation 7 traditional botanicals, plus 7 additional local botanicals that make us travel through the city and its history: petals of clove, cinnamon, coffee, salt, portuguese basil (manjerico), Arinto grapes, lettuce.
All botanicals are cold infused to ensure a unique freshness, and distilled in small stills for better production control.
Developed by Gin Lovers in partnership with one of the most promising national distillers, is distilled in the district of Lisbon in traditional copper stills using an alcohol based cereal.
The end result is a charismatic, young, fresh and versatile Gin where we find the salty, sweet and citric as the main aromas.

Gin Lovers Gin 10cl.

Gin Lovers Gin 10cl. bottle
A production 100% Gin Lovers, 100% Portuguese which reflects this project spirit and the requirement of our ambitions.
In spite of 41º vol, it's a well balanced and smoth Gin, that doesn't compromise the depth of all it's aromas.

Gin, the most consumed spirit in England

The Portuguese already took to Gin a good few years ago, even before its neighbour, Spain. Now it’s the turn for Gin to dethrone vodka and whisky and return to the top of the list of Britain’s favourite spirits.
The vote is carried out every year by the Wine and Spirit Trade Association which recently published the results of 2017. The numbers are clear. Gin is the favourite spirit of 29%, followed closely by whisky lovers, with 25%, and vodka which won the heart of 23% of the voters.
This vote confirms the evolution of Gin sales which reached 47 million bottles in 2017. In cash terms, it beat the £1200 million mark, meaning it doubled the takings of 2011. These numbers also show the trend for more sales in premium brands where the average price per bottle is above £25.
The study also saw Gin and Tonic as the most nominated drink by the participants, knocking out all other Gin and other spirits drunk in any other way. At a time when, in Portugal, cocktailery is ever growing, although the consumption of Gin and Tonic is by far the winning drink, England seems to be going in the opposite direction. Though they aren’t abandoning the classics, they seem to be taking to the Iberian style of Gin and Tonic.

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Origin Portugal
Alcoholic Volume 45º
Type Double infused
Bottles 50cl. | 25cl.

Brief Description
It is a unique Gin, with 45˚ that takes us to the limits of flavor and complexity. 
The 36 botanists live in harmony, reinforcing each other's characteristics rather than overcoming their individuality. 
The resulting combination of fruits, spices, exotic flavors and wild flowers creates an exquisite spirit, which reveals itself whenever we drink it. 
Complex and versatile that complements perfectly with classic cocktails or gin tonic.

Gin in numbers

The numbers come to us from England, but they are paralleled here in Portugal. In the first half of the year Gin sales grew by more than single digits in quantity (12%), and in value (16%) which proves that the market trend to find higher quality, more expensive products continues. Half year retail sales exceeded 500 million pounds, something like 556 million euros.
In Portugal, we have no concrete data, but what there is points to a similar reality. Gin sales are still in the ascendant although less rapid than what can be seen in England, or even here a few months before.
However, in either case, the market seems to have reached a mature state in which sales have stopped growing for all the players, growing only for some of them.
William Lowe, professor of Cambridge Distillery, notes that “it is harder and harder for any brand to have an impact other than in the local market, making people have to work harder to stand out from the crowd”.
This affirmation is mirrored in Portugal where we have seen the growth in many different new brands which place great importance in any differentiating detail of their product, whether that’s in the distillation, the use of a certain botanical or any other factor. However, and as Lowe advocates, these new brands have had difficulties in penetrating the market with its limited target.
What might at first seem like a slowing down, or even shrinking of the market, may in fact be a natural tendency for the small producers, very centred on their place of production, to seek out new aromas and authenticity, as defended by Nick King, one of the specialists at the Wine & Spirit Education Trust.
According to him, this trend cannot overtake the nature of this spirit, which has as its driving force “the predominant flavour of juniper”, something that we know doesn’t appear in some of the newer products hitting the market.
Nick King concludes his rationale saying that Gin may essentially be considered a type of vodka flavoured with juniper. Therefore, a distinction must be made between Gins that keep juniper as their main or at least very distinct flavour and those Gins where it is barely noticeable. Nick King defends the idea that all Gins that stray from the essential rules of Gin should be considered simply as flavoured vodkas, without that having any pejorative meaning. 

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Gin Lovers Gin

Origin Portugal
Alcoholic Volume 41º
Type Distilled Gin
Bottles 70cl. | 10cl. 

Brief Description
Gin Lovers® developed this Author Gin, an exclusive edition that represents all the know-how acquired over the years, with input from our followers, partners and customers. 
Smooth and fresh, produced from a selection of 37 natural botanics, which gives it harmony, authenticity and exclusivity.

Handcrafted | Small Batch