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Origin England
Type Neutral

Brief description
It all began with a loan, whose guarantee was a recipe for Ginger Beer, over a hundred years ago. As the loan was never repaid, Thomas Fentiman began to produce Ginger Beer following that recipe, by fermenting botanicals. Its success was immediate and it didn’t take long for the whole family to join the business. Time moved on and with it came new products, like Ginger Ale and Tonic Water, but the methods of production never changed.
Opening a bottle of Fentimans is like opening the door on a citrus orchard on a beautiful hot day. Full of life with a strong aroma of lemon and and lemon grass, with warm notes, it is impossible to remain indifferent. The method of production, the fermentation of the botanical, guarantees a greater intensity of flavour and a little alcohol, although it’s less than 0,5%. Another differentiating factor is the low level quinine resulting in a more herbal and, of course, citrus aroma.
The Fentimans bottles, whose shape is common to all it products, are easily recognizable with their cylindrical shape and long neck where “Fearless” appears, Thoman Fentiman’s faithful dog, are reminiscent of old English beer bottles. The tonic water bottle is green and can be found in 125ml, ideal for a G&T 1:2, and 200ml for the traditional G&T mix.

Advice for use
Ideal for accentuating the citrus character of a Gin or for conferring some citrus on a drier or fruitier Gin. Combining it with American Dry makes for guaranteed success.