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Royal Bliss, a new tonic water

The recent growth in the Gin market and, on its back, the growth in the mixers market, has not gone unnoticed by Coca-Cola.
Royal Bliss is the newest brand under the Coca-Cola Company umbrella, side by side with Nordic Mist which was created at the turn of this century.
The Royal Bliss range will consist of eight products and will be launched on the 1st of February. At the moment, only the Spanish market is being considered, but if it is a success, then it may well arrive in Portugal.
The target is clearly the premium sector of distilled drinks, so the creators of Royal Bliss have taken around two years to develop the product, guided by tradition but constantly looking to innovate, always using selective ingredients and with a clear tendency towards using natural flavourings.
In Spain, it will only be available in bars, restaurants and the hospitality sector in general, and isn’t yet forecast for retail sale. Creative Tonic (normal and zero sugar versions), Exotic Yuzu, Berry Sensation, Expressive Orange, Ironic Lemon, Elegant Soda and Irreverent Ginger Ale make up the Royal Bliss Range.