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Pedrino - a tonic water with alcohol

This tonic has a touch of something to make it more than a tonic water. 5.5% vol. alcohol to be precise. It’s usual in Spain to drink Sherry with tonic; the mixture makes the Sherry fresher and more appetizing on hot summer afternoons. Lovers of both drinks, and searching for a new challenge, Sam Showering and Joseph Knopfler, long time friends, sought to combine the two things into one. Pedrino was born, an alcoholic tonic.
The alcohol is supplied by the Sherry, fortified wine made from Pedro Jimenez grapes. Its sweet heaviness finds a counterpoint in the bitterness of the quinine and the touch of citrus from grapefruit and blood orange.
Pedrino was conceived to be drunk along, but also works just as well as a mixer. In more evolved cocktails or as a substitute for normal tonic in a Gin & Tonic, it opens up new perspectives and offers surprising results.
If you can get your hands on a bottle (unfortunately, it’s not available in Portugal) give it a try in a Gin & Tonic. Beefeater 24 and Pedrino makes for an interesting aromatic flavour but you can add some grapefruit zest if you want to make it shine.