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TAG: Schweppes Hibiscus
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Schweppes Hibiscus

Origin Spain
Type Flavored

Brief Description
Tonic water has been successful since its beginning, largely due to its prophylactic use against malaria. It became Britain's non-alcoholic favourite drink and Gin's favourite supplement. Quinine's growing demand and scarcity of natural sources , aggravated by the destruction of crops during World War II, led to the research and use of artificial solutions. The premium line was launched in the twenty-first century and returns to the old recipes and natural sources, either of quinine or sweetener.
Schweppes range of premium mixers is identified by the iconic bottle and a color code that distinguishes its different flavors. Schweppes Original, Pink Pepper, Ginger and Cardamom and Orange Blossom and Lavender. Now it's time for the Schweppes Hibiscus. It is also the first tonic water with color - a shade of pink made by a hibiscus flower infusion.
The Schweppes Hibiscus is distinguished from other tonic waters for its pinkish hue from the hibiscus flower. Its aroma is also more floral and fruity than other neutral tonics. On the nose, it is the sweet and floral aroma that stands out. In the mouth, the scent of hibiscus flower is the first to kick evolving into a more citric and dry aftertaste. This makes it the perfect mixer for a fresh and distinctly fruity Gin and Tonic.

Advice for use
The Schweppes Hibiscus floral and fruity notes add new flavors to dry Gins making them more round and smooth.