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Origin Portugal
Alcoholic Volume 45º
Type Double infused
Bottles 50cl. | 25cl.

Brief Description
It is a unique Gin, with 45˚ that takes us to the limits of flavor and complexity. 
The 36 botanists live in harmony, reinforcing each other's characteristics rather than overcoming their individuality. 
The resulting combination of fruits, spices, exotic flavors and wild flowers creates an exquisite spirit, which reveals itself whenever we drink it. 
Complex and versatile that complements perfectly with classic cocktails or gin tonic.

Tips & Tricks
Distilled Gin

Distilled Gin is an ever growing group of Gins which bring a new approach to production methods, giving the Master Distiller greater freedom. 
As opposed to London Dry Gins, the technical specifications for a Distilled Gin aren’t so rigid, apart from the fact that the aromatisation must be made through a process of distillation. 
It is in this varied class that we catalogue very different Gins; those to which are added infusions of their botanicals post-distillation, those which make separate distillations of their botanicals, those which have a smaller than usual quantity of juniper, those with colour, and other myriad characteristics not permitted in the London Dry Gin class.

From the Gin Acts to the 20th Century there was a leap. London Dry became popular and became the standard for excellence. On the rocks, in gin and tonic or as the spirit base for various cocktails, it was the fashionable drink to be seen with. The 1920s brought cocktail parties to the grand hotels, substituting dull afternoon tea. In the 1950s and 60s it was rare that a Hollywood star wasn’t accompanied by a Dry Martini. They were the golden years of Gin. The 70s and 80s, however, marked a downturn in consumption. The fresh image of the vodka overtook the outmoded look of Gin, which went to sleep until the following century.
The renaissance saw new brands which brought a breath of fresh air to a centuries old spirit. Hendrick’s, born right at the turn of the century with its cucumber freshness takes was the first to hold centre stage, Martin Miller’s, its name inherited from its creator, which distils all its botanicals separately and Monkey 47, which, for the time, used an unthinkable number of botanicals, are just three of the brands responsible for the renovation of Gin.
The only thing they have in common is that they aren’t limited by the legal and aroma palate restrictions of the London Dry class. The freedom of the Master Distiller in the aromatisation of their product is almost total, the only restrictions being that they have to use distillation of their botanicals and juniper must be to some degree present. 
The Distilled Gins are therefore the Gins of the 21st Century which bring new approaches to production methods. They were vital in the renaissance of Gin and will have a central role in its development clearly being the class with most room for progression, which will bring further innovation.