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Now that the fourth Lisbon Bar Show is over, here’s a s...

Let’s begin with the Schweppes room, which stood out for its elegance and exclusivity. It was purposely one of the hardest rooms to find and entry was allowed for limited groups only. Once inside, they would find a projected interactive video, and cocktails at the end to show off the whole Schweppes range, making a visit entirely worthwhile. Schweppes took advantage of their appearance at the Lisbon Bar Show to present two new products available this summer. A new tonic with a touch of lime, which brings extra freshness, and the mixer Schweppes Matcha which adds a touch of tea tannin to a slightly carbonated drink.
Then there was the Elyx room, where Pernod “hid” the jewels of their crown. In a room entirely inspired by Swedish vodka, with decoration that deserved extra attention and music that invited you to try a cocktail, we found all the Gins in the Beefeater, Plymouth, Seagram’s and Moneky 47 ranges, this last one for the first time in the portfolio.
At the Puerto da Indias stand, which was decorated with various of the Spanish company’s bottles acting as lamps, the new recipe Puerto de Indias Classic was available. We’ll give you more details on that very soon.
Another must-see was the Prime Bar where their whole portfolio was on show, but the spotlight was on the newly arrived Genebra Bols and, of course, on the Hendrick’s, with new creations developed exclusively for the contest.
Well known in Portugal, William Chase brought a beautiful stand where the “very British” sofa was always full and the camera flashes never stopped. It was the ideal spot to taste the brand’s portfolio served by guest bar staff.
Another Genebra worth a visit was By The Dutch, brought by Wine Time, a serious case of smooth. The Dutch company also used their space to present their new Gin, dry and lightly herbal, very much in the old tradition of the Low Countries.
Gin Maré, the Mediterranean Gin par excellence, found a sunny spot on the patio on the first floor for their stand. At the Cocktail Market by Global Premium Brands, filled with fresh fruits on the counters, a team of bar staff, and some guests, this Spanish Gin was served either with a simple tonic or as a cocktail.
From Italy, the country that gave the theme to this year’s Lisbon Bar Show, came the tonics by J. Gasco. The big novelty was their new tonic with only 13,5 Kcal and a gentle touch of juniper.
Finally, a well-deserved mention for all the Portuguese Gins that made their presence felt. Yet again, the record for the number of exhibitors was beaten, with almost 20 of them. Returning brands, Friday, Wild Snow Dog and Gold Grail, were joined by some newbies such as Amicis, Bica and Real Gin, among many others.
If you didn’t make it to the show, we’re sure that by now you’ll want to get here for next year. Till then!

Lisbon Bar Show 2017

The Lisbon Bar Show is back! On the 16th and 17th of May the biggest bar event in Portugal returns for its fourth year and it promises much. 
The venue this year, instead of the beautiful greenhouses of Tapada da Ajuda, will be the Convento de Beato. The new space is bigger, and better adapted to the logistics of an event such as this, promising to meet the needs not only of the exhibitors, but the attendees too who will see larger exhibition spaces and above all, the masterclass area. This is one of the ways the organisation hopes to create more participation from the public, guaranteeing better conditions and more available places. 
The panel is even more brilliant than in previous years, attesting to the high quality of the masterclasses which will take place during the whole event. Importantly, they will all be free entry, although it will be necessary to sign up for them first with the staff. There are several international names appearing on the masterclass bill. For a small taster of the masterclasses, there are names like Luca Cinalli, Ian Burrelli, Jared Brown, Luis Barradas, Pedro Paulo and Paulo Gomes, masterclasses that will be demonstrating food as well as many drinks.
Other news for this fourth edition of the show, and maybe the biggest news, is the partnership established with World Channel which will guarantee the broadcast of everything that happens in the event, on closed circuit TV within the Convento, and to the outside world via streaming. This is one more step that confirms The Lisbon Bar Show as one of the best bar contests in the world. 
The fourth edition will also see a thematic change, leaving behind the idea of drinks being the theme, now choosing to highlight a country each year. Italy is this year’s choice, with several Italian brands already confirmed to appear. Well known brands such as Martini and Campari will join forces with others such as Gin del Professore, a line of markedly herbal gins. 
Gin will again be proudly on show at The Lisbon Bar Show, the spirit proving its rightful place in the portfolio of various brands, and looks forward to this summer of  2017 having many tales to tell.

What happened in Lisbon Bar Show 2016

The third edition of Lisbon Bar Show was held at Tapada da Ajuda on the 17th and 18th of May. All the drink industry gathered for two intense days where cocktails and bartenders were at the center. If we had doubts, not anymore. The cocktail trend is here to stay.

Even though Tequila was Lisbon’s Bar Show main theme, Gin was the most significant presence for another year. 120 Gin bottles from 70 brands were at the event. Impressive.

Like every year, Lisbon Bar Show was also the right place to launch new products. Schweppes unveiled their new Ginger Beer, Castello and Le Tribute their new tonic water and the new Friend’s (new Dry version), Givinity, Le Tribute and N’Ginious Gins. We will test all these brands but we can say the future will lead us to more Gin (good) launches.
The new Ginger Beer from Schweepes - launch date in September - was a good suprise. It’s less intense and created to be drunk on its own. It’s going to be used a lot in cocktails though.
As for the tonic waters, Castello and Le Tribute were on the spotlight. On one side, the one from Castello follows its brand line. On the other, we were really suprised with the Le Tribute bottle design. We will have time to make a deep test to these two mixers. Although these are very different, both have less sweetner added in comparison to the tonic waters on the market these days.
Next year the organization promises to make a bigger event. This means this could be the last time will head to Tapada da Ajuda for the Lisbon Bar Show

Lisbon Bar Show 2016

The show is back! The Lisbon Bar Show 2016 marks the third edition of the event that brings the best bars, experts, bratenders and brands around the world to the Portuguese capital. Two days of presentations and discussions of the latest trends and techniques, as well as the launch of new products, demonstrations, seminars, conduct networking and especially a showcase of suppliers, brands, outlets, bartenders, and experts. Like in previous years, Lisbon will receive guests worldwide known who will share all their experience.
Come from all world to conduct presentations. Among them are some of the best of the world of industry of bar as Salvatore Calabrese, Malika Saidi, Julio Bermejo, Desmond Payne, Dennis Zoppi, Jared Brown, Anistastia Miller, Martina Breznanova, José Luís Leon, Antonio Lai, Ian Burrell, Tomas Estes, Thanos Prunarus, Ljumir Stanisic, Daniele Dalla Pola, Deano Moncrieffe, Marian Beke among others. Destaque ainda para os portugueses: Humberto Saraiva Marques, Jorge Camilo, Armando Rosário, Paulo Figueiredo. 
An event for professionals, but open to individuals interested in the art of serving the perfect cocktail! The Lisbon Bar Show is going to be held on the 17th and 18th of May in Tapada da Ajuda.