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Gin Lovers Magazine? The first Gin magazine in the worl...

The first magazine in the world dedicated to Gin is 100% made in Portugal and by Gin Lovers. A Gin and lifestyle magazine - with Gin and a lot of people inside. Launched in April 2014, it has content exclusively dedicated to Gin and the world that involves the consumption and taste for this drink (bars, restaurants, travel, news, art and design). The Gin Lovers Magazine will always be identified as the first Gin magazine in the world that wanted a different presentation: new, fresh and visually appealing. A magazine thought and idealized in Portugal with the direction and editing by Miguel Somsen and art direction by José Lázaro. We give you unique and exclusive content from the Gin world including visits to distilleries, tasting events and more. You can find Gin Lovers Magazine in Gin Lovers stores and online store.

Celebrating the second anniversary, Gin Lovers Magazine is taking an important step in its growth, becoming available from now, in bilingual version (Portuguese/English) that will allow to reach other markets and people all over the world.