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Exclusive Gin Lovers Glass standing black.
Capacity: 900ml, Height: 250mm, Diameter: 115mm.
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Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks

It is essential to drink a Gin Tonic or any other cocktail. Obviously choosing the right glass related to the drink we serve. Cocktails are served in an almost infinite number of glasses, where the capacity is always decisive but the visual aspect also weighs a lot.
To choose the ideal glass for a Gin and Tonic, there are two essential factors that must be taken into account: its ability and mouth.
Let's first talk about capacity. 5 cl of Gin 20 cl of tonic water and about 30 cl of ice. All in all, more than half a liter necessary. That is why we advise cups with a capacity no less than 600 ml. Smaller cups could require cutting one of the elements that make up the Gin and Tonic, usually ice, which result in a less cool drink and a fastest dilution of ice.
The cup mouth should be wide. At least wide enough to drink and feel on the nose the aromas that come from the glass. A narrow mouth, like the thin tube glasses used in the eighties, cuts our ability to smell and drink it completely. We lose much of the experience.
There are other factors that influence the Gin and Tonic drinking experience. The lightness of the glass itself, thickness or color given to it among others. We are sure that with more than 500 grams of drink and ice in, a glass must be as light as possible. The smaller the glass thickness the more refined our senses are. The delicacy calls attention but there is also a resistance here. The color is a matter of taste. A transparent glass allows better visualization of the drink but the color, usually in brand cups, can guide, albeit tenuously, our senses to what we want to show.
Balloon or wide tube? Whatever. There are advantages and disadvantages to both formats. The Important is to have a good mouth and capacity. Especially when we add a good Gin and tonic.