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San Pellegrino

Origin Italy
Type Neutral

Brief description
Having been produced for 600 years in the springs of San Pellegrino in the Italian Alps, it is currently one of the most famous carbonated waters in the world. Taking advantage of its fame and know how, the company began to produce other soft drinks with their water as a base, adding fruit juices. Only later came their tonic water, despite a phrase that tells another story: “It took many years to reach perfection”.
San Pellegrino Tonic uses the same characteristic bottles as the brands fruit drinks, in the shape of a club, with glass textured like the skin of citrus fruit. The label with its red star and cyan background are reminiscent of the Belle Époque.
San Pellegrino presents an absolute clarity. In repose, it can be confused with pure water. The gas presents itself only in the necessary quantity to produce a relatively persistent fine bubble. On the nose, the citrus character dominates, obfuscating the bitterness of the quinine. Freshness of lime and lemon being the predominant notes, and a herbal touch on second stage. On the palate, the earthy notes rise elegantly showing that the quinine doesn’t dominate but remains present.

Advice for use
A fairly eclectic and versatile tonic that can be used to mix an almost limitless number of Gins. Ideal for minimalist concoctions, helping the Gin to shine.