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Schweppes Pink Pepper

Origin Spain
Type Flavored

Brief Description
Jacob Schweppe - a watchmaker and German chemist living in Switzerland - will forever be linked to the history of soft drinks. In the late eighteenth century, he produced carbonated mineral water artificially, now known as Soda. In the nineteenth century, with the company producing in the United Kingdom, the first lime soda with gas was created. The Schweppes tonic water was born shortly after in 1870, with the introduction of quinine on the recipe.
But adding artificial gas to the mineral water was only half the challenge. The problem was keeping it. The Schweppes bottle - now recovered - appears as the true stroke of genius: its round bottom meant that the bottles were always tumbled and thus the stopper remained moist. This ensured airtightness and maintenance of gas.
The Schweppes tonic water new range was launched in the twenty-first century, with the Pink Pepper became one of the flavored waters most implemented on the market.
The pink pepper flavor comes out ahead and the quinine and citrus component are not noticed on the nose. The flavor of pink pepper is also the first thing felt on the mouth but gives way to the citric taste of lemon-lime and to dry aftertaste of quinine. As for the gas, this is immediately noticeable when poured on a glass or drank. Carbonation is very present and lasts, maintaining the freshness of the Gin and Tonic from the first to the last sip.

Advice for use
Tonic water pink pepper aroma will intensify Gin giving it more spicy and lasting notes. Combine it with London Dry or fruity Gins.