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It's getting difficult to know how it all started. There are stories about it but memory starts to fail sometimes. 
All of the partners have different views of that first night. One may say that the first Gin and Tonic drank just had three ice cubes and no botanicals. Other can say there was only London Dry with no tonic water. However, all the Gin Lovers partners have one thing in common: they all have their own first meeting, project, decision, discussion story since the foundation between 2012 and 2013.
Gin Lovers was born from Carlos Alves mind. He is a dreamer and a professional pharmaceutical. Carlos is a dedicated Gin follower and his professional trips made him know more about the Gin world in Europe. He wanted to share his passion and therefore created a Facebook page named Gin Lovers. Other lovers joined him soon after. Those Gin addicters gathered in a restaurant to taste some Gins and started to make promises for the near future. The first idea to become a project was the National Gin and Tonic day, celebrated every year in June since 2013. The first event that started as a Gin celebration in bars and restaurants throughout Portugal, made the news and put the six Gin Lovers in an increasing successful project. The National Gin and Tonic day in 2013 was the start of Gin Lovers as a company, with lifetime projects: Workshops and Gin Experiences in Lisbon and Porto, the first Gin Magazine in the World - Gin Lovers Magazine, two books launched, one bars opened - settled at Embaixada with the name Gin Lovers & Less (Praça do Príncipe Real 26, 1250-184 Lisbon). The former has the whole Gin Lovers story in itself.
In 2018 the Lisboa Gin launch. A gin with signature Gin Lovers. A gin that we want to be the ambassador to the city throughout the world.
With the time flying, it is becoming harder to know where it is all going to end.
Gin Lovers® is a registered mark. All rights reserved.

Gin Lovers Stores / Points of Sales

Gin Lovers Príncipe Real

Praça do Príncipe Real 26 - 1250-184 Lisboa
Embaixada Concept Store
De Domingo a Quarta das 12h às 00h
De Sexta a Sábado das 12h às 02h
Parqueamento gratuito (acesso pela Av. Liberdade / Pç da Alegria)


Telf: 213471341

Loja Gin Lovers - Restelo

Rua Mem Rodrigues 4 A - 1400-249 Lisboa
De Segunda a Sexta das 10h às 18h


Telf: 213 010 212

Gin Lovers Bar & Restaurant

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