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Origin Chile
Type Neutral

Brief Description
1724 tonic water owes its name to the altitude at which its quinine is harvested. In the Andes, on the ancient Inca Trail, is the place where it all began. It was where quinine was first discovered and where began the odyssey which centuries later resulted in the invention of tonic water. No other place could ever translate so well the authenticity of the key ingredient of all tonic waters.
1724 was created to meet the ever more demanding spirits market. It was thus that it was developed to show all the best qualities of the drink it accompanies and that is why it is gentler and more delicate than most tonic waters. It has a low quinine level which makes it slightly sweeter. For the record, 1724 has no more sweetening ingredients than other tonics, it just seems that way.
1724 also has less gas when compared to more commercial tonic waters. With a fine bubble, reminiscent of Champagne, the carbonation is always present but never overwhelms. 1724 is also gentle in its mixture of flavouring botanicals. Here there are citrus fruits that are warm and delicate, that remind us of oranges and tangerines.

Advice for use
1724 is a neutral tonic and for that reason it is very versatile. However, being a rather subtle tonic, avoid using it to mix with very strongly flavoured Gins.