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Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks

With the Gin boom in recent years, the respect for the drink proportions that make up a Gin Tonic have also been taken seriously into account. The golden rule: 1 to 4 or 5 cl of Gin for 20 cl of tonic water. This spread rapidly and jiggers have become a common tool in bars but also in Gin passionate homes.
The case is more difficult in Gin bottles whose capacity is usually between 70 or 50 cl because new tonic waters have a usual measure of 20 cl.
It is here that jiggers have become extremely useful allowing to quickly and accurately measure the right amount of Gin to add to our Gin and Tonic. Its capacity may vary but the most common models have up to 5 cl on one side - perfect for a Gin and tonic - and 2.5 on the other - suitable for medium Gin and tonic. To use the full capacity we should fill the jigger up then pour the liquid into the glass.
For the cocktail preparation, where the measurements vary more we advise different size jiggers. This way you can use them for different abilities and not just for totals indicated in recipes.