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Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks
Bar Spoon

Cocktails, Gin and tonic is no exception, require a more or less extensive set of tools to aid their preparation. The Bar Spoon is one of the most common and versatile.
The most common models have two sides. A metal spiral segment in one and the macerator on the other. The latter replaces the pestle and allows the fruit spices or any other ingredient that want to join the cocktail maceration.
The spiral - where we can pour the liquid through - is especially useful when we want to make drinks in layers. Using it to shed the tonic water into a Gin and tonic is however a mistake we must avoid at all costs. The spiral will increase the tonic water speed causing the gas to break when it reaches the bottom of the glass.
Instead, you can pour the tonic through the spoon back, next to the ice cubes. Thus, water will be poured closer to the glass bottom running along the ice and diminishing the effect of gravity. If you prefer, you can use the concave shape of the spoon to allow the tonic water to run through the walls of the glass, where the water will come down later.
The spoon is quite useful to help freshen the Gin and tonic glass. With the spoon clamped between the fingers we should promote a rotational movement making the ice cubes touch the walls of the glass and thereby cooling them.