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Lisboa Gin 10cl.

Developed over 3 years, intends to honor the city that saw Gin Lovers born and grow.
A Gin that breathes Lisbon, inspired by its 7 hills, uses in his distillation 7 traditional botanicals, plus 7 additional local botanicals that make us travel through the city and its history: petals of clove, cinnamon, coffee, salt, portuguese basil (manjerico), Arinto grapes, lettuce.
All botanicals are cold infused to ensure a unique freshness, and distilled in small stills for better production control.
Developed by Gin Lovers in partnership with one of the most promising national distillers, is distilled in the district of Lisbon in traditional copper stills using an alcohol based cereal.
The end result is a charismatic, young, fresh and versatile Gin where we find the salty, sweet and citric as the main aromas.