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The Gin Kit - Step 2

Wood box Kit:
· 6 botanicals (Juniper, Allspice, Cassia, Orange flower, Coriander seeds, Ginger)
· 3 tonic waters (Schweppes Original Tonic, Fever Tree Indian, 1724)
· 3 Gin miniatures - 5 cl each (Beefeater 24, Bombay Sapphire, Bulldog)
· 3 bar tools (jigger, spoon bar, strainer)

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Adamus | Portugal

Origin Portugal
Alcoholic Volume 44,4º
Type Distilled Gin
Known Botanicals 18 botanicals in total, among which are cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, hibiscus, orange, lavender, lemon, pennyroyal, sage, Baga grapes and juniper.

Brief Description
Adamus is the jewel in the crown of Destilaria Levira and that’s what the name means: Adamus is diamond in ancient Greek. The distillery has almost a hundred years of history, dedicated mostly to the production of aguardente bagaceira. In the last few years, due to heavy investment in innovation and the development of new products, it created the Adamus range, entirely dedicated to super-premium products. 
The epic poem of Adamus, the Gin, began with a study into the organoleptic properties of an initial selection of 86 botanicals. It was the team’s intention to have a detailed knowledge of the raw materials with which they would make Adamus to best complement the Baga grape, typical of the region and the central botanical in the recipe. After various distillations, separately and individually, indispensable tests, some steps forward, some back, the final formula was decided upon with 18 botanicals. The team spared no efforts For them, satisfactory was not enough, only excellence was their goal. 
Adamus is a decidedly fruity Gin which escapes the more traditional rule of juniper being the central element. On the nose we note the gentle aroma of the grape and the exotic touch of the cardamom. Fruit occupies the central stage on the palate, with the grape being followed lightly by they citrus fruits, but also a more herbal side with the lavender and the sage. 

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Family of Hounds | Italy

Origin Italy
Alcoholic Volume 42º
Type London Dry Gin
Known Botanicals Cardamom, Coriander, Ginger, Orange, Lavender, Lemon, Thyme, Grapefruit and Juniper

Brief Description
There are stories that are as simples as they are inspiring. That of Family of Hounds is one of them and it begins with some friends on a weekend away in the British countryside.
Strangely, it was there that they tried their first G&T. It was love at first sight. After that, there were innumerable tastings, seeing the differences between brands, discovering which they liked and disliked the most, culminating in the production of their own gin, when Family of Hounds was born, named in honour of their dogs. 
Family of Hounds is a London Dry and thus has a fairly small range of botanicals - nine - but there is still room for a little eccentricity. To the traditional orange, lemon, grapefruit, coriander seed and, of course, juniper, they added cardamom, ginger, lavender and thyme. 
Family of Hounds is fresher and more aromatic than more traditional London Drys. The juniper is there, but it is the exotic touch of cardamom and the freshness of the citrus fruits which first punctuate the nose. On the palate, Family of Hounds shows itself to be more complex than that. On first impact, we straight away sense the cardamom that is the signature of this gin. After that, the herbal note of the thyme, all the splendour of the citrus fruits and the juniper which act as back up. Surprising is the hotter touch of the ginger which turns the flavour of this gin longer than normal. 

Tanqueray Rangpur | Schweppes Original Tonic | Lime, Gi...

1. Add mineral water ice and freeze the glass. Drain the water that has accumulated in the cup
2. Aromatize with Lime zest, 1 bay leaf and ginger slice
3. Add 5cl of Tanqueray Rangpur
4. Add 20cl Schweppes Original Tonic

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Real Gin | Portugal

More information very soon

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Tanqueray Rangpur | England

Origin England
Alcoholic Volume 41.3º
Type Distilled Gin
Known Botanicals Angelica, Coriander seed, Ginger, Rangpur Limes, Bay leaf and Juniper.

Brief description
Tanqueray Rangpur is the freshest of all of the Tanqueray range and owes its name to the Rangpur Limes, a curious fruit whose name varies depending on where it is being mentioned and which isn’t actually a lime, but a hybrid of lemon and tangerine, similar to Bergamot.
Tanqueray Rangpur was imagined and created to be served as part of a Gin & Tonic. This was in 2006 when this was the first Tanqueray Gin to relegate Juniper to second place, seeking instead to bring a freshness and acid touch of citrus fruits to the table. However, the two join together in a smooth and harmonious way which further counts on the more exotic and herbal flavour of Ginger and Bay leaf.
Since it was created specifically for Gin & Tonic, the alcohol level of Tanqueray Rangpur is lower than other Tanqueray Gins, being diluted to 41.3 volumes.
On the nose, Tanqueray Rangpur brings the fresh aromas of lemon and lime to the fore. Only after the citrus do we find the Juniper, only slightly evident when compared to the other Tanquerays. In the end, the sweetness and roundness of this gin are in effect. In the mouth, they continue to contain the citrus in a simple and direct palate.

Other versions Tanqueray Dry | Tanqueray Old Tom | Tanqueray Ten | Tanqueray Malacca | Tanqueray Bloomsbury

G'Vine Nouaison | 1724 | Ginger, Juniper

1. Add mineral water ice and freeze the glass. Drain the water that has accumulated in the cup
2. Aromatize with a ginger slice and 3 Juniper berries
3. Add 5cl of G'Vine Nouaison
4. Add 20cl 1724 

Beefeater 24 | 1724 | Grapefruit, Ginger

1. Add mineral water ice and freeze the glass. Drain the water that has accumulated in the cup
2. Aromatize with grapefruit zest and ginger slice
3. Add 5cl of Beefeater 24
4. Add 20cl 1724

Mombasa | Ledger's Premium | Lemon, Ginger, Allspice

1. Add mineral water ice and freeze the glass. Drain the water that has accumulated in the cup
2. Aromatize with lemon zest, a ginger slice and 3 Allspice grains
3. Add 5cl of Mombasa
4. Add 20cl of Ledger's Premium

London Nº1 | Fever Tree Indian | Lime, Ginger, Clove

1. Add mineral water ice and freeze the glass. Drain the water that has accumulated in the cup
2. Aromatize with lime zest, a ginger slice and 2 clove buttons
3. Add 5cl London Nº1
4. Add 20cl of Fever Tree Indian

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G'Vine Florasion | France

Origin France
Alcoholic Volume 40º
Type Distilled Gin
Known Botanicals Ugni Blanc vine leaf grape, liquorice, cardamom, cassia, coriander seed, ginger, lime peel, nutmeg, Cubeba pepper and juniper.

Brief Description
Like its Nouaison brother, the G'Vine Floraison uses the Ugni Blanc grape as its alcohol base. This grape is especially adapted to the distillation process because of its high acidity - this is the immediate difference between G'Vine and the remaining Gins that use a cereal alcohol base. 
G'Vine Floraison is an extremely soft Gin with a very rich bouquet of aromas dominated by the perfume and fresh flowers. In one hand, the neutral alcohol used in the base gives it an immediate and differentiator velvety feel. On the other, the vine flower used in the distillation gives it a fresher floral note. The end is dry and the notes of juniper are notorious as well as the slightly spicy taste of ginger.
The Floraison green version is fresher and lighter than its counterpart and seeks to capture the ephemeral and vibrant fragrance of the Ugni Blanc flower time of birth. On the other hand, the Nouaison captures the time between flower to grape, hence its strong and deep character.

Others Versions G'Vine Nouaison

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Mui Gin | Portugal

Origin Portugal
Alcoholic Volume 40º
Type Distilled Gin
Known Botanicals Licorice, rosemary, toasted almonds, cinnamon, ginger, hibiscus, pennyroyal, Muscat raisin, orange and tangerine peel and juniper.

Brief Description
The Mui gin comes from an old Geneva recipe that was in possession of Chef's Helio Loureiro family since 1873.
The chef's creative vein made him bring some of the most expensive spices to the recipe, giving it a more contemporary feel, more aromatic.
Mui is produced using 7 distillations in search of a purer, smoother and pleasant alcohol. In addition, there is a varied palette of botanicals where we can find the Moscatel grape, sweet citrus, roasted almond, pennyroyal or hibiscus.
The Mui is rich and fruity with the juniper always present. The taste in the mouth is given by the fruit and spices with the velvety touch of raisins and toasted almonds.