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Martin Miller’s acquired by Zamora Company

Martin Miller’s, one of the trendiest brands of recent years, and one of the Gins responsible for the Gin boom, has been acquired by the Zamora Company, an important player in the Spanish drinks market.
Martin Miller’s was founded in 1999 a few months after Sir Martin Miller having challenged two friends to make their own Gin. They were doing it to go find an alternative to the killer national drink, the Gin and Tonic. Sat around a table in a bar, the three contemplated their glasses filled with a drink with alcohol and juniper that might depart from the hundreds of years history of Gin.
The rest of the story is well known. Between individual distillations for each botanical, transatlantic voyages to find the purest of waters for the dilution, and the secret ingredient (cucumber, by the way) everything was Martin Miller’s trump card to come out on top as one of the world’s most charismatic and respected Gins.
2017 was a particularly positive year for Martin Miller’s, seeing its sales grow exponentially, having reached the 200,000 cases mark.
2018 marks a turning point, and the company leaves behind its familial structure that always characterized it, and passed into the hands of the Zamora Company, in a wider growth strategy of the Spanish importer and distributor.
The intention of both parties is to strengthen growth in sales of Martin Miller’s even further, in parallel with the increase of markets where it will be available, without interfering with the internal policies of the English brand.