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Copperhead – The Gibson Edition

The Gibson is a popular cocktail classic. It is almost the same as a Dry Martini, combining Gin with dry vermouth, but with a cocktail onion instead of lemon zest (or olive for the lovers of the Dirty version). Gibson is also the name of Marian Beke’s bar, in London.
Copperhead – The Gibson Edition came from the collaboration between the Belgian distillery and the famed bartender seeking a product that was dry and saltier, which Marian Beke had never found until now.
This new version of Copperhead, the third since the brand’s creation since 2014, uses five of the botanical from the original recipe – angelica, cardamom, coriander seed, orange peel and, of course, juniper – but a bouquet of 14 more spices, traditionally used in the pickling process is also added. Thus nutmeg flower, pepper, bay leaf, dill and fennel, amongst others, were added to confer a warmer and more spiced aroma to this Gin. To increase the complexity even further, and to smooth off the edges, it is finished with a touch of 8 year old Belgian Genebra.
This is clearly a Gin aimed at the cocktail market, principally for Martinis, but according to the brand, it works well as a Gin and Tonic, too, although distinctly a drier one.
The Gibson Edition is already available in the best bars and restaurants in London, but we’re still to hear any news about it arriving in Portugal.