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TAG: The Luxury Masters
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Real Gin – Gold Medal in the Luxury Masters 2017

The Luxury Masters is an annual competition promoted by The Spirit Business, limiting contenders to drinks considered SuperPremium and UltraPremium. In an area where traditionally we saw Cognacs and Whiskies, we are beginning to see the range widening. Today, there are various producers of different spirits, such as Gin, Vodka and Rum who are dedicated exclusively to the luxury market. No wonder, then, the variety of products distinguished by this year’s The Luxury Masters.
And this is one more contest in which Portugal left its mark, proving again that this is a good time for Portuguese Gin. This time, it was Real Gin who won the Gold medal in the UltraPremium category. 
Competing in The Luxury Masters were small producers of Gin which have recently arrived on the market, as well as the bigger, and longer established and beloved brands, so we saw Real Gin on the podium with Beefeater 24, which also won Gold, the highest distinction in the competition. 

The Complete list of winners: