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Gunpowder Irish Gin

Even with a mature Gin market, new products are still arriving on shelves. Gunpowder Irish Gin is the latest addition and, just as the name suggests, it comes from Ireland, a country with plenty versions of the spirit which stubbornly haven’t arrived yet in Portugal.
Gunpowder Irish Gin is the creation of Patrick J Rigney who found in the peaceful surrounds of Drumshambo the ideal place to give flight to his curiosity and experimentation. It was there that he built the Shed Distillery and where he began to join the exoticism of oriental botanicals with the local Irish landscape. 
Lemons from China, grapefruits from Indonesia and Kaffir limes from Cambodia decisively give their mark to this Irish Gin, making the citrus touch a strong presence. It is further intensified by the astringency of Gunpowder tea, a type of green tea so named because the leaves are rolled up in small pellets resembling gunpowder. Elm bark, collected locally and also angelica root and lily root bring some balance to the mix.
In a total of 12 botanical used in the production of Gunpowder Irish, 8 or them are place in the still while the other 4 are placed in a basket, their aromas being picked out by the alcohol base vapours. The stills used at the Shed distillery are centuries old. Here the process of distillation and bottling follows Oriental traditions, limiting the use of machinery as much as possible.
The botanical richness of Gunpowder Irish Gin is noted straight away on the nose. The strong citrus notes, the ever present tea and also the spiced touch reminiscent of anise, are strongly represented in an extremely rich and lively bouquet.
In the mouth it is the spices that occupy the palate. Anis, caraway and cardamom are the first aromas we find just before the citrus. The end, which is fairly long, brings us the Gunpowder tea.