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Skan de Bronx – Danish brute strength

Strane Uncut, the Swedish gin with 76 volumes of alcohol which we have previously mentioned, has just be dethroned.
Skan der Bronx is now the holder of the title for highest alcohol level in a Gin. It has 80 volumes of alcohol, no more, no less, with 400ml of alcohol in each half litre bottle of Skan der Bronx.
A part from the alcohol, Skan der Bronx is a normal Gin. It uses 8 botanical in its production, all relatively common. Juniper, of course, orange and lemon peel, cinnamon and coriander seeds are an almost obligatory presence in the vast majority of Gins. Camomile, peppermint and thyme are also used towards a herbal bouquet that can take the edge off those 80 volumes of alcohol.
Not owning their own distillery, they looked in the market for who might embrace this project. They found the ideal partner in Spain, something which you can tell from the botanicals. The search for the recipe for Skan der Bronx always had as its objective the richness of aromas seen in the spirit when it has just left the still, before any dilution. 
The nose of Skan der Bronx is naturally dominated by the alcohol. The 80 volumes are hard to mask and only after a few attempts were we able to capture the first aromas beyond it. In the mouth, it is a different story. The alcohol level remains and its heat dominates the palate, but the pungency of juniper and the herbal touch explode like in no other Gin.
Skan der Bronx is clearly a Gin to try in very controlled moderation. Pure, to better understand the concept behind the Gin, or in a meaty Gin & Tonic. The alcohol should make for good results in cocktails.