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Plymouth Sloe | England

Origin England
Alcoholic Volume 26º
Type Sloe Gin
Known Botanicals Angelica, Cardamom, Coriander seed, Orange, Lemon, Lily root and Juniper.

Brief Description
The tradition of making Sloe Gin is centuries old in England. Thus, the centuries old, traditional Plymouth based company -  it must never be forgotten that Plymouth Gin Distillery is the oldest distillery in England still in production in its original home – had to present its latest Gin based liqueur. Resorted to the recipe date back to 1883, Plymouth respects its ancestral methods of production of Sloe Gin, adding Sloe berries to its Gin and sugar to facilitate the extraction of flavour from the previously macerated fruit. Sloes belong to the plum family, described as similar to the damson but more bitter.
Sloe Gins are naturally smoother than Gin because of the fruit and, of course, the sugar. When we open a bottle of Plymouth Sloe we immediately notice the fruity touch of this Gin, with plum appearing first, closely followed by a touch of almond. Something we don’t notice is the alcohol, due to its lower alcohol grade of 26º, and due to the sugars extracted from the fruit. In the mouth, Plymouth Sloe remains smooth and fruity even though it is well structured and has a drier taste than other Sloe Gins.

Other versions Plymouth Original | Plymouth Navy Strength