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Plymouth Navy Strength | England

Origin England
Alcoholic Volume 57º
Type Plymouth Gin
Known Botanicals Angelica, Cardamom, Coriander seed, Orange, Lemon, Lily root and Juniper.

Brief Description
“For about 200 years, the British Navy and Plymouth Navy Strength were inseparable. No ship left port without a bottle aboard.”
In fact, the Gin was transported in barrels in the hold, alongside the gunpowder. The strength of Plymouth Navy Strength was “thought” that even if the gin came into contact with the gunpowder, the latter wouldn’t lose its ability to explode, something that had happened in the Original version with 41.2º alcohol.
Plymouth Gin was born in 1793 in the city which gave it its name and ever since then, produced ever since in the Plymouth Gin Distillery, what was the Black Friars Distillery, situated next to the port, making it the oldest distillery in England still in production.
The distillery took the place of a monastery, which is why on every bottle there is always a monk engraved on the glass, and on the label the Mayflower.
On the nose and on the palate, Plymouth Navy Strength is everything a Gin should be. On the nose, it is pungent with Juniper to the fore, supported by the citrus note of the coriander seeds and the perfume of cardamom. In the mouth it is rich and omnipresent. It is surprisingly smooth, considering its alcohol grade.

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