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Tanqueray Rangpur | England

Origin England
Alcoholic Volume 41.3º
Type Distilled Gin
Known Botanicals Angelica, Coriander seed, Ginger, Rangpur Limes, Bay leaf and Juniper.

Brief description
Tanqueray Rangpur is the freshest of all of the Tanqueray range and owes its name to the Rangpur Limes, a curious fruit whose name varies depending on where it is being mentioned and which isn’t actually a lime, but a hybrid of lemon and tangerine, similar to Bergamot.
Tanqueray Rangpur was imagined and created to be served as part of a Gin & Tonic. This was in 2006 when this was the first Tanqueray Gin to relegate Juniper to second place, seeking instead to bring a freshness and acid touch of citrus fruits to the table. However, the two join together in a smooth and harmonious way which further counts on the more exotic and herbal flavour of Ginger and Bay leaf.
Since it was created specifically for Gin & Tonic, the alcohol level of Tanqueray Rangpur is lower than other Tanqueray Gins, being diluted to 41.3 volumes.
On the nose, Tanqueray Rangpur brings the fresh aromas of lemon and lime to the fore. Only after the citrus do we find the Juniper, only slightly evident when compared to the other Tanquerays. In the end, the sweetness and roundness of this gin are in effect. In the mouth, they continue to contain the citrus in a simple and direct palate.

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