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Monkey 47 | Germany

Origin Germany
Alcoholic Volume 47º
Type Distilled Gin
Known Botanicals 47 botanicals in total. 23 grown in the Black Forest. 25 impart flavor and scent to the Gin. 22 increase the complexity of aromas...and hinder copying.

Brief Description
Looking back at the Monkey 47 long story, we get the idea that its success is just the result of an immense succession of serendipity. This is how the creators - Alexander Stein and Christophe Keller - describe it. Nothing more false. Monkey 47 is the result of hard work, a methodical approach and the assumption that nobody is born taught but everyone can learn. Indeed, none of the two even knew how to distill.
Using an ancient old recipe from a British commander who resided in the Black Forest in the postwar period, Alexander and Christophe analyzed a total of 120 Botanicals and selected 47. They tested, tested and tested again. They noted, adapted, tested, adapted again and noted again. A rigorous experimentation process that led them to create one of the most emblematic Gins we know today.
The complexity is evident at the first contact. There is the Black Forest fresh fruit and spicy touch and the resinous juniper, all competing in an orderly bouquet able to touch everyone. The complexity continues on the palate, never losing the connection to a more traditional gin with the presence of the juniper and fresh citrus.

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