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Wild Blossom – the second Citadelle Extrêmes

There’s a sucessor to Citadelle No Mistake Old Tom. Now included in the portfolio of the Extrêmes program of Maison Ferrand, is Wild Blossom, another aged gin, but more with more citrus and with a definite taste of cherry.
The Extrêmes program allows Alexander Gabriel, the Master Distiller of Maison Ferrand, to free his imagination and look for absolutely new products, even if they mostly have their roots in the ancestral traditions of Gin.
Wild Blossom – we’ll discover the reasons for the name – uses the same 19 botanicals as Citadelle Dry, but the similarities end there. Firstly, the raw material for the neutral alcohol is obtained from whole wheat. Then, to the 19 botanicals, Alexander Gabriel added a twentieth, wild cherry blossom, the wild blossom which gives its name to the Gin and which brings a more exotic and perfumed nature when compared to the classic Maison Ferrand version.
The touch of the Wild Blossom cherry is further strengthened by the ageing of the Gin in barrels which are constructed from wild cherry wood. Thus an aged Gin joins Citadelle Reserve and its antecedent No Mistake which was another Old Tom class Gin because of its addition of sugar.
According to the brand, this Gin is definitively more floral than it’s ancestors, without, however, losing its dry character with juniper ever present, and i tis more directed towards cocktails than Gin and Tonics. For the purists, Maison Ferrand promises a surprising experience when drunk neat, diluted only with a little ice. 

Citadelle No Mistake Old Tom

The Extremes programme at Maison Ferrand busies itself creating new spirits, almost always in limited editions, which challenge these lovers of spirits. Citadelle Reserve, the house’s aged Gin, was the first of these spirits from the programme.
Now appearing is No Mistake Old Tom, a revisited version of Citadelle Reserve. Being Old Tom, the Maison Ferrand team added slightly caramelized Caribbean muscovado sugar and the mixture is then aged in barrels. The result is a golden coloured Gin with 44% vol. alcohol.
Its taste notes we will leave for later.
Take note: is truly a very limited edition, unrepeatable according to Alexander Gabriel, the creator of Citadelle Gins.