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Fred Jerbis

After the boom in Spain and Portugal there are more countries feeling the increase of the Gin trend. Italy is one of those countries which has seen the birth of several projects. Fred Jerbis is an example. The name comes from the combination of the creators and distiller’s name - Federico Cremasco - and his passion for botanicals, especially herbs. The label also shows the number 43, precisely the number of botanicals used in the production of this Gin and all of them are from Italy - an uncommon fact in the Gin World. Fred Gerbis’ alcohol flavoring method is also distinctive as it uses two different techniques. Distillation followed by infusion. Fred Jerbis is thus a Compound Gin - a Gin type usually associated with low cost and dubious quality products. However, Fred Gerbis is the opposite of this. An artisanal Gin extremely soft and very herbaceous reminding herbal digestive drinks like Jagermeister. Fred Gerbis has a strong presence of herbs with predominance of aniseed-flavored notes.