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9 Medals for Portugal

After announcing the winners of IWSC 2017 (International Wine & Spirit Competition), we can only conclude that Portuguese Gin is on its way. This year, 7 Portuguese Gins wer featured in the different categories, in a total of 9 medals awarded.
Gotik came out as one of the big winners, being awarded the Silver medal (graded above 80) in the London Dry Gin category and Bronze in the Gin & Tonic category. In Gin & Tonic, Portugal won another Bronze with Cobalto 17. Among the London Dry Gins, there were three prize winners. Alongside Gotik were Gin 13 with a  Silver medal and Opivm was awarded Bronze (graded above 75).
In the Packaging category, Gin Tinto and Opivm were awarded Gold and Bronze respectively.
Saving the best till last, Azor Reserva won the Gold medal for Aged Gins. This means that Azor Reserva obtained over 90 points in a contest with a jury of at least 7 judges and further laboratory testing. In the same category, Sharish Laurinius received the Silver medal. A great result for the Portuguese hosts who bring ever more excitement to the ever more competitive Portuguese Gin market, and who predict an even happier 2018.

Cobalto - 17

Cobalto 17 - Douro is the name of the Gin produced by two portuguese - Edgar Rocha and Miguel Guedes - who had the dream of making an original gin from the UNESCO world heritage wine region. This Gin has a balance and freshness that comes from the alliance between artisanal production methods - distilled in a traditional still and bottled in an artisanal way - and incorporating six botanicals thought to ensure the integrity of a classic gin but with the irreverence of a new generation with fruity and seductive aromas. There are 6 botanicals used: verbena, spearmint/peppermint, juniper and cardamom. This will be the first Gin fully produced in the Douro region.