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Spices Tube

The spice botanicals are a more intense flavour class due to their essential oils. They may appear in various forms: flower, seed, shell, stalks or root, but always with a strong and exotic aroma that transports us to the fragrances of the east.
In this tube will find Clove, Star Anise, Nutmeg

Essentials Black tube

When we use the essential botanicals we are paying homage to the history of the gin and tonic and highlighting the aromas and essences that are already present in the Gin.
In this tube will find Cardamom, Cassia, Orange

Gin Lovers Botanicals

With the increasing success and phenomenon of Gin, there is now a greater interest in botanicals for flavoring the gin and tonic. Juniper, citrus fruits zests or fava tonka are amongst the botanicals that you can find in your gin and tonic glass.
If this enormous diversity of aromas opens up new possibilities and combinations, it could also confuse those who are less familiar with the different herbs, flowers, spices or fruits available today.
The new Gin Lovers botanical collection organizes an unique and fun way to discover the main elements you can use to flavor your gin. The collection is divided into a table of flavors and perfumes where all botanicals have a code that identifies and differentiates them.
The Table of Botanicals, is the tool that seeks to outline the main botanicals used to flavor Gin grouping them according to their aroma. There are seven core types and aromas: herbal, floral, citrus, spicy, sweet, spicy and fruity.
The different types and flavors are identified by a color-coded which makes it easier to identify and distinguish them. See more at the online shop or visit the Gin Lovers Principe Real.