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Larios 12 | Spain

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Larios 12

When we try to describe the Gin and Tonic before all this revival movement, with the glass, two fingers of tonic and gin up above, there are some common names that come to mind: Gordon's, Bosford's or Larios. It is important to note that these 3 Gins have a very reasonable price/quality and are not enemies against pricier and more recent Gins. These brands all have a more orthodox London Dry approach. There is a limited number of botanicals, with the juniper standing out as well as the coriander seeds, thus resulting in a dry aftertaste. The know-how of these companies is immense and for them the gin has few secrets so their reinvention is almost natural and facilitated. The know-how concentrated in these organizations is immense and the Gin has few secrets for them so their reinvention is almost natural and facilitated. Larios 12 is an example of this remake and marks the entry in the Premium Gins range. It’s also a wink to new consumers seeking greater complexity and smoothness. The changes appear immediately in the bottle. More cosmopolitan, more slender and blue tone, with a palette of enriched botanicals. There is a total of 12 botanicals (giving name to the Larios), where citrus fruits occupy a central place (clementine, orange, lemon, lime, mandarin orange, tangerine and grapefruit), and are complemented by orange blossom, nutmeg, angelica root, coriander seeds and juniper. This Gin bouquet breaks with the Larios tradition. Softer, more fragrant, with the juniper relegated to a secondary role. In the mouth, the citrus notes dominate, on a very well balance achieved with the juniper. The Larios 12 is definitely a Gin assembled in the Premium Gins bag with a very interesting price. This is our suggestion: Larios 12 with orange blossom, orange and nutmeg. Try it!