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Portobello Road

It’s a long time since a simple highball of Gin with a slice of lemon and a bit of tonic just was a big thing for the British. There’s a new wave growing in England, and Her Majesty’s drink is back in fashion again with innumerable versions that are reminiscent of the Gin boom in Spain and Portugal.

The Distillery, bang in the centre of London, is the personification of this new movement. The bar, open since the 19th century, used to occupy number 117 Portobello Road, one of the most emblematic streets of the city. It has long been one of the most charismatic bars in England, but only in recent years has it ventured into the art of Distillation.
Portobello Road, the Gin, was the first creation of Ginstitute, the work of four friends, all ex-bartenders. Produced initially in a micro still with a capacity of only 30 litres and using only nine botanicals, it rapidly became one of the most respected brands on the international market. Unfortunately, it is still hard to find in Portugal.

The growing acceptance and demand for Portobello Road products forced the group to move to number 186 Portobello Road, where, today, we find The Distillery, a spot entirely dedicated to Gin, home to two bar-restaurants, Ginstitute and even a small hotel. The Resting Room and GinTonica are the two spaces that act as bar-restaurant. The former is more inclined to cocktails, almost exclusively using the spirits produced in-house, in the brand new King Henry Still. GinTonica is more relaxed and democratic. In both bars you can accompany your drink with two interesting restaurant menus. For those seeking something more exclusive, The Boardroom, a private dining room for up to sixteen guests and its own bar. If you want to live and breathe the Gin experience, The Distillery also has three double bedrooms.