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TAG: Ledger's Cinnamon
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Ledger's Cinnamon

Origin Spain
Type Flavoured

Brief description
In the 19th century, quinine was harvested by felling trees, an unsustainable method. The trade of the plants and seeds was also prohibited, and extinction became a real threat. Risking his own life, Charles Ledger, along with his faithful companion, collected seeds of the species Cinchona Ledgeriana, which were sold to the Dutch government, but also spread through India and Indonesia. Charles Ledger gave the world the best of quinines, the only known prophylactic to malaria. Ledger’s Tonic seeks to incorporate all the spirit of adventure and greatness of the personality that inspired it.
The label promises what the nose proves. The cinnamon aroma liberated on opening is dominant and relegate the bitterness of quinine to second place. If there are any doubts, they are dissipated on the first sip where the mature fruit notes and the sweetness of the stevia, almost caramel-like, serve as backup to the ever present cinnamon. The comforting signature of this tonic is further accentuated by the low carbonation and the amber colour, which comes from the cinnamon.
Ledger’s is sold in traditional 200ml bottles The big detail of the label is given to Charles Ledger himself, the inspiration for the tonic. There is also mention of Stevia, a natural sweetener with very few calories.

Advice for use
As a contrast to character Gins, citrus Gins or in warm harmony with aged Gins, just choose any, Ledger’s Cinnamon will always be good company.