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Gin fever has reached Russia

When we think of Russian and drinking, it is invariably vodka that comes to mind. It is from Russia and its ex-soviet neighbours that some of the best vodkas on the market come. Other spirits like Rum and Whiskey are explored little, just as is Gin, but the scene may be changing and the first Gin produced in Russia, at least the first we know of, has just arrived in Portugal. Its name is Barrister.
Combining an original British recipe, Russian distilling know-how and some Portuguese fine-tuning, this is a Gin that respects the ancestral tradition of a London Dry in an almost orthodox manner, but with some little extra touches of warmer spices.
Being born at the heart of a house which for centuries has distilled the best vodkas, Barrister inherited one of the best neutral alcohols for its base. Resorting exclusively to the wheat produced in the region of the distillery, it is extremely smooth while full of aroma.
As already mentioned, the Imperial Collection used a British recipe which puts simplicity and high quality botanicals ahead of all else. There are Angelica, Lemon peel and Coriander seeds present, which characterise the spirit, but there are also Caraway seeds, Aniseed and Cinnamon that give a final spicy touch to a total of 12 botanicals.
On the nose, what jumps out first is the extreme smoothness and the aroma of the Juniper, warmer and less resinous, and a light citrus note. It is in the mouth that Barrister shows its strength. The Juniper grows and fills the palate, leaving the citrus in second place as backup. Despite there being no pepper in the production, the palate is prolonged, a sign of its first class distillation, and the spice notes gather strength, especially the Aniseed.