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Elephant Gin Strength

There’s a new version of Elephant Gin on the market. After their Dry, with 45% vol. alcohol and their Sloe Gin with 35%, now comes Elephant Gin Strength with 57%.
Elephant Gin Strength maintains the aromatic framework of the regular version but it is heightened with the greater pungency of the higher level of alcohol. The botanicals from Africa, like Buchu, Baobab, Motherwort and Devil’s Claw, give this Gin a less than usual aroma.
It’s the herbal and resinous notes that dominate the bouquet, the Motherwort and Devil’s Claw appearing most readily, but also Pine Needles, harvested in Austria, another of the botanicals used in the production of Elephant Gin Strength. The fresh aroma of Green Apple is also very present.
In the mouth it is extremely smooth and easily disguises its high alcohol content, which functions only as a background to the palette of aromas, which thus appear richer and deeper.