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World Malaria Day

Tonic Water specifically made for the Gin and Tonic is a relatively recent thing when compared with its history of more than two centuries. The popular mixer was created when, in the fight against malaria, a more pleasant way of administering quinine was sought, something more pleasant than swallowing what was pretty much a bitter lump of earth. The solution came in adding other botanicals to flavour it, some sugar and some soda water, and that became what we know as Tonic Water. When you add the useful to the pleasant, i.e. Tonic to the Gin, success is guaranteed and today Gin and Tonic is one of the world’s favourite drinks.

It was in this historical vein that Fever Tree began a partnership with Malaria No More UK, with the unique aim of eradicating this disease.
These days, Malaria is a reality far from the European continent, but still a quotidian problem in unluckier places. The Democratic Republic of Congo, where Fever Tree collects its quinine, and Nigeria, where it sources its ginger, are just two examples.
On the 25th April of 2017 was the latest World Malaria Day and Fever Tree established the ambitious objective of mixing one million Gin and Tonics, donating 20p for each, in a worldwide donation of £200,000.
The donation will be delivered to Malaria No More UK, which is seeking not only the cure but also prevention for Malaria.