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Bica Gin

By the time this piece goes to “print”, we may already be out of date, but for now we can assure you that Bica Gin is the most recent on the market. The wave of new Portuguese Gins is unstoppable and the Alentejo is making itself known as the national nursery for Gin. 
It is Vale da Bica Estate, on Monte da Bica that Bica Gin is produced using the water that bubbles out of the Bica spring. Inspiration for the name explained, let’s get on with presenting this new nectar. 
Everything happens on the Vale da Bica estate. It was there that Bica Gin was born after 2 years of intense experiments.
It is there that the some of the botanicals which make the Alentejan heart of this Gin are collected. Orange and lemon peels, harvested on the estate, punctuate Bica Gin with citrus notes. Honey and corn silk, bought from small producers surrounding the estate, give the Gin a roundness. Rosemary, which grows wild on the hill give it its herbal edge. As the creators stress, the palette of botanicals may have its heart in the Alentejo but its eyes are on the world, so they add coriander, cinnamon, lemon verbena, camomile, orange flower, thistle, lily root and, of course, juniper which comes from Macedonia. 
Respecting the intrinsic characteristics of each botanical, the process of maceration is done with differing times and methods for each ingredient, always in alcohol obtained from rice and wheat. The process of maceration lasts no longer than 24 hours, at the end of which begins distillation in the still which has been especially developed for Bica Gin, with 500l in capacity in a wood fire heated bain-marie. 
On the nose, Bica Gin is smooth, very smooth, with herbal notes where the rosemary is instantly recognizable. Less strong but still present we can detect the citrus notes and a little cinnamon which brings warmth and comfort. 
In the mouth, the smoothness of the alcohol is still there but shows its teeth. Hot notes punctuate the heat of the spices and the more herbal nature of Bica Gin. Mouthfeel is long and develops over time, until the end where the juniper and the sweetness of the orange linger in harmony.