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Wespa Gin - Bottled G&T

A Gin and Tonic that’s bottled and ready to drink isn’t exactly a novelty. For some time, Gin and Tonic brands have been working together to arrive at a ready made drink that can stand shoulder to shoulder with a G&T made fresh at the bar. The relatively recent product, Fentiman’s Rose Lemonade with Bloom Gin is just one example. 
But Wespa Gin wanted to go further. Gin, Tonic and even some botanicals to flavour the G&T are produced with one aim in mind. The perfect bottled G&T. 
It was in the Black Forest, in the south west of Germany, that the Wespa Gin team found perfect conditions for the production of their new drink. The richness of the botânicals and the purest of waters, both abundant in the region, create a perfect base for this 100% natural product. 
For the mixture they use a London Dry Gin that the team produces locally using Black Forest botanicals, apart from some exceptions such as Juniper, guaranteeing meanwhile that everyone involved respects the traditional methods of production. For the distillation, they use ethyl alcohol obtained from an from an agricultural source, diluting the spirit to 47% volume alcohol.
For the tonic, only the quinine is imported, since the quina tree cannot be cultivated in the region. The rest of the botanical that compose the aromatic profile are all from the area, as well as the water. 
Wespa Gin is available in 2 distinct flavours: raspberry and mint, which highlight the richness of flora in the Black Forest. In both the sweeter and the fresher versions, Wespa Gin promises to be a valid alternative for those moments when we can’t take a picnic basket with us, but can open bottles.