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TAG: Old Duff - Real Dutch Genever
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Old Duff – Real Dutch Genever

With Gin, as with fashion, evolution happens in cycles, from looking back in time to recreate, in a process where reinvention is more in evidence than pure invention. 
With the resurgence of cocktailery, comes further demand for new spirits to add to the mix, and by new spirits we might mean drinks that aren’t easy for us to get our hands on. 
It was in response to this demand that Philip Duff created his Old Duff - Real Dutch Genever. Having been connected to Lucas Bols for a long time, one of the oldest distilleries in the world and known for Bols Genebra, Philip became first a fan of the brand, and then the brand’s ambassador. In an already long career, that of a bartender evolving into consultant, Philip always carries a bottle of Bols Genebra wherever he goes. The reactions he has received and the passion that he has felt from people   brought him realize that a product like the Bols Genebra had to return to the limelight and to the bar. 
It is with this pragmatic, but at the same time passionate, spirit that Philip Duff launches his Real Dutch Genever, seeking to respond to the growing demand, but with passion and almost total submission to this great distillation. 
With the maxim of “It's better to mean everything to somebody than something to everyone”, the brand will be launched from city to city. Thus, the distribution of the first 12,000 bottles began in September this year in New York City. There is expected to be launched in London for 2018.