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Mother’s Ruin - A Cabaret about Gin

The beginning of the 18th Century marks one of the ugliest periods in the long history of Gin. Gin production was at its height and the drink was available to all, it cost little and it was believed to bear medicinal properties. Consumption spread uncontrolled with obvious damaging effects on London society at the time. In the specific case of mothers, abuse of Gin made rates of infant mortality and birth defect spike. Thus Gin became known as Mother’s Ruin. 
This is one of many stories told in a show, somewhere between comedy and cabaret, that tells the whole history of Gin across the centuries. "Mother’s Ruin -  A Cabaret About Gin" is an cheerful ode to Gin, performed by Maeve Marsden and Libby Wood. 
Using music with a little twist (of orange maybe?) from Amy Winehouse, Nina Simone, Martha Wainwright, Billy Joel and the Pretenders, it is a relaxed and original way to absorb the history of Gin. Unfortunately for us, the show was performed this February in Australia, a little way away from our shores, but it seems there may be the possibility of a European tour. Let’s keeps our fingers crossed.