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Portuguese Medals in the Spirits Selection in the Conco...

Portugal collected 5 medals in the Spirits Selection in the World Contest of Brussel which, as its name indicates, awards the spirits who have stood out this year.
Two of the medals were awarded to Gins, with Amicis and Neighbours 21 Neon Premium winning distinction of gold in the contest.
This succession of prizes won by Portuguese Gins doesn’t just show the strength and dynamism of Portuguese producers, but also and above all, gives recognition to the extraordinary quality and ability to stand shoulder to shoulder with other Gins of the world.
As well as the Gins, Aguardente Adamus, Branca Fire Rum and BrandyMel also claimed their place in the limelight.

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Amicis | Portugal

Origin Portugal
Alcoholic Volume 40º
Type London Dry Gin
Known Botanicals 14 botanicals in total with 5 main ones: Citrus fruit, Mastruz, Heather, Honey and Walnut.

Brief Description
Amicis is made right in the centre of Portugal, with Coimbra at its heart, between the sierras of Açor and Sicó.
And from there come all the 14 botanicals used in production, in a “book of sensory memories from where I grew up”, the words of Paulo Pereira, the tutor of Bar and Restaurants in the School of Tourism of Portugal Douro-Lamego who became, through curiosity, the creator of Amicis. Paulo Pereira managed to convinced Miguel Gonçalves to join the project and together, they persuaded shark Marco Galinha to join them, and pull the project together once the development of the product was done.
Amicis is a 100% Portuguese Gin, 100% original with a 100% new bouquet. Mono-distillations of heather flowers, walnut, honey, oranges from Coimbra, mastruz (essential in the making of Rabaçal cheese) and nine other botanicals make Amicis one of the most aromatic and distinctive Gins.
On the nose, there is fresh touch is reminiscent of mint and the citrus notes immediately reveal the mastruz and the citrus fruits used in its creation. The 40 volumes of alcohol are not evident on the nose. Rather, the extreme smoothness of the alcohol which appears to have no edge. The heather, walnut and honey are not immediately evident in the bouquet, but in the mouth, we find them through the gentle touch and slight sweetness of this Gin.


Gin Lovers hosts the official launch of Amicis Gin

Amicis (friends, amigos) from the very heart of Portugal, Coimbra, between the sierras Açor and Sicó.
It’s from there that come the 14 botanicals, a “sensory memory book from where I grew up” says Paulo Pereira, 38, a tutor at Portugal Tourism College Douro-Lamego and creator of the latest Portuguese Gin, during its official presentation.
The space chosen was the atrium of Gin Lovers Príncipe Real, which only just managed to welcome all the visiting enthusiasts. The presence of the the three “dragons”, Miguel Ribeiro Ferreira, Isabel Neves and Marco Galinha, who support the project, was a reminder that Amicis already existed, after two years of tests, when it was presented to the dragons on the Portuguese version of Dragon’s Den/Shark Tank in March 2016. “I had to buy him a suit,” joked Marco Galinha, meaning that the bet has paid off. Thus a 100% Portuguese, 100% original Gin was born, with a different aroma that deserves to be first tasted with plain water. Single distillations of Gorse flowers, walnut, honey, citrus fruits from the orchards of Coimbra, Mastruz and nine other botanicals make Amicis one of the most aromatic and distinctive Gins, with enough potential to reach the international premium market. The first signs of that happening are already appearing. Amicis is available at Gin Lovers Online Shop.