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When the Gins with more eccentric botanicals started to appear, we at Gin Lovers joked that one day we would make something completely different, something that no one would even dare to dream. It would be Pork Scratching Gin. 
Luckily, the joke never went further than that, and no stills were harmed furthering the “dream”.
However, the joke remained and whenever a Gin or a botanical out of the ordinary appears, we fondly remember our Pork Scratching Gin. It won’t be a surprise that when we first saw “Pigskin” written on a label we didn’t hesitate to look into it. 
Could there be someone crazy enough? The answer, happily, is no. Pigskin is different enough to deserve a to be featured, but no, there are no bits of meat in the still nor does the Gin go to the smokehouse after distilling. Originating from Sardinia, it uses locally picked wild botanicals. Myrtle, Lemon, Thyme, Sage and Fennel are the basis of this gin, but it is the ageing in hundred-year-old oak casks from the same region that gives it a straw yellow colour, reminiscent of gold. 
It is a gentle, slightly herbal Gin with small spice notes. In the mouth it is rounded and warm, with a surprisingly long finish. Perfect for a cold winter night.