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TAG: Lisbon Hock
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Lisbon Hock - A new portuguese Gin

This is Lisbon Hock Gin, an artisan Gin that begins with a Portuguese 100% vol. Malt alcohol, seeking the aromas of the sweet Arinto grape from the Protected Region of Bucelas, just north of Lisbon. With a base of Juniper and other botanicals from the region, it contains a total of 16 botanicals including bay leaf, lemon, orange, rosemary and arinto grapes.
The creation of Lisbon Hock was inspired by the history and fame of the wine from Bucelas, thought to be home of the Charneco wine mentioned by Shakespeare. Bucelas wine was imported into England by the Duke of Wellington during the Peninsular Wars, and was known in London as Portuguese Hock.
We are waiting for our first taste of Lisbon Hock, a Gin that takes on the spirit of the ancient wine tradition of Bucelas.