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Puerto de Indias

Puerto de Indias Classic

The classic version of Puerto de Indias can be comfortably placed alongside any good London Dry. Juniper is at the front of a a direct and dry flavour. The citrus notes are delivered by incomparable Seville oranges, cultivated under the Mediterranean sun, rich in sweetness and aroma.
In the mouth, Puerto de Indias is a meeting of these two worlds - the gentle citrus mixed with the the pungent, dry Juniper, making it quite an eclectic Gin that can be drunk with with fresher tastes on a hot summer’s afternoon or more complex flavours to accompany a good conversation after dinner.

Puerto de Indias Strawberry
There are products that tell no lies. It’s called Strawberry, it is pink and it tastes of strawberries. That’s it. Puerto de Indias Strawberry is the fruitiest version in the range, bringing a softer aroma than the vast majority of Gins.
The pink colour takes us straight to red fruits. On the nose, the strawberry notes emerge immediately. Backing those up, there are sweet notes that remind us of elderflower and the exoticism of vanilla. This bouquet of aromas leads us to the backdrop of juniper. On tasting Puerto de Indias Strawberry, all those aromas are confirmed. It’s worth highlighting the extreme smoothness of this Gin and the intense aroma of the mature strawberry, a feature of the south of Spain. Puerto de Indias Strawberry is a fruity Gin capable of pleasing a wide spectrum of consumers, even the more Gin-sceptical.

Puerto de Indias Pure Black Edition
Inspired by spring in Seville, Pure Black Edition presents itself as a more aromatic Gin than some of its peers, and seeks to incorporate all the wealth of fragrance so characteristic of this season when plants awaken for another year.
The wealth of its bouquet is detectable from the first sniff. The smoothness of the orange flower, the sweetness of the orange and the touch of tannin from the jasmin stand out straight away, enveloped with a juniper that doesn’t upstage the rest.
In the mouth, Puerto de Indias Pure Black Edition further shows its complexities. In the first sip, it is jasmin that confers an immediate floral and slightly astringent note, giving way to more citric component. Here are the first notes of orange, always balanced with the gentle perfume of the orange flower, slowly giving way, sip by sip, to the characteristic dryness of Gin.

The Puerto de Indias bottles that have arrived in Portugal are the result of a facelift from last summer. They are slimmer and more elegant than before, inspired by the magnificent Torrel de Oro, an emblem of Seville, connected to the intense activity of the city’s river port.
That port activity and its connection to big commercial routes is also discernible in the label that reminds us of the aromatic richness of this Gin. The locale of its production and resource of botanicals, from the immediate surrounds of the city are not forgotten. The constant reference to the beautiful city are proof of this.
The Classic and Strawberry version use the same translucent glass but are easily distinguished by the liquids they contain; the purity and crystalline quality of a classic London Dry in the Classic version and the vibrant strawberry pink in the Strawberry. The Pure Black Edition is dressed in a majestic black bottle evoking its greater depth of flavour.

Despite Puerto de Indias Gin being a relatively recent product, the history of the Distillery goes back to the 19th century. This distillery, one of the oldest in Andalucia, owes its name to the Port of Seville, one of the busiest ports in the days of the Discoveries and through which passed the most exotic spices from the Americas and the East.
The Distillery was founded by a Basque who found refuge in Carmona when he was escaping the defenders of the Spanish throne, in the Carlist Wars. There he found a Roman underground water system which he quickly put to use for making spirits.
Thus, for more than a century Puerto de Indias Distillery has been producing drinks as diverse as Anise and Pacháran, a liqueur made from cranberries. The Puerto de Indias Gins are the distillery’s most recent product and draw upon all their experience of traditional methods of distillation together with more recent quality control technology and constant innovation.

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Puerto de Indias Strawberry | Spain

Origin Spain
Alcoholic Volume 37.5º
Type Distilled Gin
Known Botanicals The botanicals are not revealed, but Strawberry and Juniper are certainly contained.

Brief description
Puerto de Indias Strawberry is the fruitier of the range and has a smoother aroma than the vast majority of Gins.
On the nose, the strawberry notes emerge immediately. As back up, we have sweet notes reminiscent of the softness of elderflower and the exoticism of vanilla. This bouquet of aromas pushes Juniper back into second place. The alcohol is less evident in Puerto de Indias Strawberry, not just because of its lower volume at 37.5º, but also because of its sweet and round notes.
On tasting Puerto de India Strawberry, we can confirm all the flavour notes that were present in the aroma bouquet. It’s worth mentioning the extreme smoothness of this Gin and the intense aroma of ripe strawberries, emblematic of southern Spain.

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