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Have you met the first Chilli Gin?

Wikipedia describes the jalapeño as a “variety of chilli valued for its burning heat when eaten”. Wikipedia hasn’t been updated yet, however, to mention that the jalapeño inspired one of the newest Gins on the American market, DragonDance Gin.
Created in the Brandywine Branch Distillery by the hand of Riannon Walsh, professional distiller in Pennsylvania, USA, for over 25 years, DragonDance has the characteristic of including the chilli in this original recipe, alongside  other botanicals such as Juniper, Coriander, Angelica, Meadowsweet, and a rarity in Portugal that is Hyssop.
“DragonDance is the most playful gin in our portfolio to date.” She says. “I created it to not only challenge the palate but to challenge the enormous cocktail possibilities it brings to the bar and home mixologist.”
It’s a gin which, before being flavoured, already has its own distinctive flavouring. “To the best of my knowledge this gin is unlike any gin available on the market today.”, Riannon Walsh concludes.