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Ginerosity. First Social Gin launched

For years, Gin has helped to improve people’s social lives. Now a Gin brand based in Edinburgh, Scotland, is trying to help people’s lives in other ways.
Pickering's Gin is produced in Edinburgh’s oldest distillery, Summerhall Distillery (which is at least 150 years old) and is the brainchild of Matt Gammell and Marcus Pickering.
With the brand’s success in the last decade, Marcus Pickering felt that the time had come for Pickering's to give something back to the community: the result is Ginerosity, a gin that is the result of a collaboration between spirit producer David Moore, Scottish marketing agency, Story, and Pickering’s.
Says Marcus Pickering: “Supporting good causes is something that’s very close to our hearts, and something we’ve been involved in for many years. But for a while we’ve wanted to do something more formal with our gin company. Producing this unique gin is the perfect way to achieve that.”
Ginerosity will be both "accessible and complex" with local botanicals such as heather and lemon myrtle. It will be available in bars and online and profits will go to charitable causes, which are yet to be decided by Pickering's.